Meet the experts and let them introduce you to the amazing animals of Jersey Zoo. Discover their personalities and learn about the vital work being done to save them.

Winter timetable

11.30     Bokibokys Come to Kirindy Forest and find out how Durrell’s work in Madagascar is not only helping the bokiboky but many other endangered species too.

12.00     Orangutans Meet the keepers and find out a little about our amazing Sumatran orangutan family.

14.00     Jewels of the Forest aviary Explore the colourful, feathered residents of the Jewels of the Forest exhibit with our bird keepers.

14.30     Dart frogs Need help spotting the colourful but deadly dart frogs? Let our keepers help at the daily talk in the Amphibian and Reptile House.

15.00    Fruit bats Learn from our keepers about one of the last strongholds for the Rodrigues and Livingstone’s fruit bats.

15.30     Flamingo feeding time Visit the Flamingo Lagoon and get a close look at our fabulous flock being fed. Listen to them squabble and enjoy their vibrant, pink colours. Our bird keepers will be on hand to answer any flamingo questions.