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Storm Ciarán clear up

Love Your Zoo: Storm Ciarán clear up

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Durrell Lecture 2022 Skink
Small but Mighty

Today you can save a species, tomorrow it might be too late. Durrell focuses on species that may be physically small but punch above their weight and drive the restoration of ecosystems. These elusive and lesser-known animals, fondly referred to as “little brown jobs” by Gerald Durrell, form a vital part of Durrell’s rewilding strategy to build resilience and diversity into landscapes.

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Regular Giving

You can ensure some of the world’s rarest animals are nurtured and have a home to return to in the wild. A monthly gift from you will allow us to plan ahead so we can achieve the greatest impact and drive the change needed to protect and restore the people, places and wildlife that together form our natural world.

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Magic Of Madagascar Appeal 2021 02
Revive the Magic of Madagascar

Madagascar is home to an exceptional array of wildlife, 90% of which is found nowhere else on the planet. Sadly, this magical island now has more endangered species than any other country in the world, making Durrell's work protecting its wildlife and wild places more vital than ever.

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Hope for Tortoises

Tortoises have lived on Earth for over 55 million years. Is time running out for these rare reptiles?

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