Meet our birds

Chilean Flamingo at Jersey Zoo
Chilean Flamingo

Learn more about our flock of over 80 fabulous Chilean flamingos and discover the threats they face in the wild.

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Red-billed chough perched on a fence post
Red-billed chough

Discover the charismatic red-billed chough and learn about their reintroduction to Jersey after being extinct locally for 100 years.

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More birds you'll see at Jersey Zoo

Asian Fairy Bluebird 2021 01
Asian fairy bluebird
Bali Starling 2021 01
Bali starling
Chestnut Backed Thrush 2021 02
Chestnut-backed thrush
Hamerkop 2021 03
Java Sparrow perched on a branch at Jersey Zoo
Java sparrow
Madagascar Crested Ibis 2021 05
Madagascar crested ibis
Meller's Duck 2021 02
Meller's duck
Mindanao Bleeding Heart 2021 05
Mindanao bleeding-heart dove
Nicobar Pigeon 2021 02
Nicobar pigeon
Northern Bald Ibis 2021 04
Northern bald ibis
Palawan Peacock Pheasant 2021 01
Palawan peacock-pheasant
Pink pigeon at Jersey Z00
Pink pigeon
Red Breasted Goose 2021 04
Red-breasted goose
Red Tailed Laughingthrush 2021 04
Red-tailed laughingthrush
Wrinkled Hornbill 2021 03
Sunda wrinkled hornbill
White Naped Crane 2021 03
White-naped crane
White Rumped Shama 2021 01
White-rumped shama
White Winged Duck 2021 04
White-winged duck