Meet our glorious group of grazing geladas 

Found only in the wild in the Ethiopian highlands, geladas are accustomed to heights and live up to 4,000m above sea level. They are the last surviving species of grass-eating primates and spend a lot of time grazing. They’re known as ‘shuffle-feeders’ as they often don’t even stand up to eat, instead they shuffle along on their bottoms. You can find our troop of geladas near our Chilean flamingos.

Animal facts

Key facts about the geladas

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I’m found in Ethiopia  

Geladas live in the Ethiopian highlands.

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My favourite food is grass 

A gelada’s thumb and forefinger are highly adapted for plucking grass.

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I’m also known as the ‘bleeding heart monkey’ 

The bright red patch of skin on their chest gave them this nickname.


diet made up of grass


adult male weight


noises used to communicate

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