Meet our inquisitive tribe of golden Guernsey goats 

Named after their native island home of Guernsey, just 27 miles from Jersey, feral golden Guernsey goats were once found across both islands, but are now classed as a rare breed. Golden Guernsey goats are a dairy breed and can provide huge volumes of milk, most often used to make cheese. Our goats were born on a dairy farm here in Jersey and are now enjoying life at the zoo. Our tribe are inquisitive, very intelligent and can be quite affectionate! 

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Animal facts

Key facts about the golden Guernsey goat

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I'm found in Guernsey

Wild golden Guernsey goats were once found across both Guernsey and Jersey.

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My favourite food is tree foliage

Goats are grazers and will spend most of their day eating hay, grasses and foliage.

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I was bred to survive island life

It’s thought that golden Guernsey goats were specially cross-bred with other breeds to survive on the islands.

14 years

average life span


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