Meet our acrobatic northern white-cheeked gibbon 

You can find Genta, our male northern white-cheeked gibbon, living alongside our white-handed gibbon, Hazel, and the orangutan family on their island home. Like all gibbons, Genta is an acrobat and can often be seen swinging and leaping between the climbing frames on the island.  

Northern white-cheeked gibbons are critically endangered due to continued deforestation to make room for farmland. They have now completely disappeared from China’s treetops and can only be found in Laos and Vietnam. 

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Animal facts

Key facts about the northern white-cheeked gibbon

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I’m found in Laos and Vietnam 

Northern white-cheeked gibbons are well-adapted to life in the treetops of forests.

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My favourite food is fruit 

Northern white-cheeked gibbons also eat leaves, flowers and some insects.

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My singing inspired Ancient Chinese poets 

Gibbons have particularly musical calls and sing to claim their territory and develop relationships.


average weight


average size

40+ years

captive lifespan

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An uncertain future 

Northern white-cheeked gibbons are now only found in Laos and Vietnam. Once found in the forests of China, the species has now completely disappeared from Chinese forests. The future of these gibbons is at risk due to continuous habitat loss by deforestation to make room for farmland. 

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