Discover a window into the wild, connect with nature and meet some of the world’s rarest animals at Jersey Zoo.

Set in 32 acres of beautiful parkland, you can find over 100 amazing animal species, from the gentle giants the western lowland gorillas to the small but deadly poison frogs!

Get up close to some of the animals we’re helping to protect in the wild, like the golden-domed ploughshare tortoise and beautiful black lion tamarin.

Discover the secret lives of some of the world’s most unusual species such as the nocturnal aye-aye and colourful Sunda wrinkled hornbill.

Meet our animals

Cream Tea

Food and drink

When you’re feeling peckish, you can head to Café Firefly or Café Dodo. Take a break in the indoor and outdoor seating areas or grab something to eat on the go. If you’re bringing a picnic there are plenty of spots to stop, eat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Gerald Durrell in his office

Our founder

Jersey Zoo opened in 1959 and is the headquarters of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell.

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Our conservation work

As a centre of excellence in animal husbandry, research, training and education, the zoo is pivotal in delivering our conservation goals across the globe and breeding some of the world's most endangered species.


Durrell Conservation Academy

Based at the zoo, the Durrell Conservation Academy trains aspiring and established conservationists from across the globe to better protect the species they work with.

By visiting Jersey Zoo, you are helping to save species from extinction in places like Madagascar and Brazil, as well as closer to home in Jersey and the UK.