Durrell focuses on species that may be physically small but punch above their weight and drive the restoration of ecosystems. 

These elusive and lesser-known animals, fondly referred to as “little brown jobs” by Gerald Durrell, form a vital part of Durrell’s rewilding strategy to build resilience and diversity into landscapes.

Meet the small but mighty species we're helping to protect

Mountain chicken frog at Jersey Zoo

Mountain chicken frog

These giant frogs, a symbol of Montserrat, have been pushed to the brink of extinction by hunting, volcanic eruptions, and now a deadly fungal disease. But, thanks to Durrell’s cutting-edge approach, this species has a chance to survive. Pioneering research must continue to give these frogs, and many other amphibians, a chance to fight back against this disease and thrive once again.

SL Racer 10 (C) Toby Ross

Saint Lucia racer

Saving the rarest snake in the world, with less than 50 left in the wild, is a race against time. There are risks when numbers are so perilously low but doing nothing is not an option. Without our help, this snake will silently go extinct, and the foundations of its ecosystem will start to crumble. Your support can enable our pioneering breeding programme to bolster the population of this threatened snake so that one day it can return to the wild.

Lesser Night Gecko 2

Reptile Rescue Mission 

Durrell, alongside partners, rescued three reptile species from the offshore islands of Mauritius in the aftermath of an oil spill and brought them to the safety of Jersey Zoo to establish an assurance population. The quick action of front-line conservationists, combined with the expert care of the zoo's reptile team, means the lesser night gecko, Bouton's skink, and Bojer's skink now have a breeding programme, ensuring the genetic variability found on the islands is not lost. 

As Durrell continues to monitor the impacts of the oil spill, these precious reptiles must be cared for until it's safe for them to return home. 

Hear from our dedicated team on the ground about the species we're helping to protect

You can save a species

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£50 could provide nest boxes for mountain chicken frogs in their semi-wild enclosure in Montserrat. 

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£100 could enable effective outreach sessions in Montserrat and St Lucia to foster nature connection and empower communities.

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£420 could run the Saint Lucia racer breeding facility for one month.

"The world is as delicate and as complicated as a spider's web. If you touch one thread you send shudders running through all the other threads. We are not just touching the web; we are tearing great holes in it." - Gerald Durrell

Today you can save a species, tomorrow it might be too late