Meet our reptiles

Aldabra giant tortoise

Meet Helen, Mike, Biggy and Twiggy

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Galapagos Giant Tortoise 2021 01
Galápagos giant tortoise

Meet the world’s largest tortoises.

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Madagascar Giant Side Necked Turtle basks in the sun
Madagascar big-headed turtle

Say hello to the Madagascar big-headed turtle.

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A Ploughshare Tortoise at Jersey Zoo
Ploughshare tortoise

Learn more about the ploughshare, the world’s most threatened tortoise.

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Radiated Tortoise 2021 04
Radiated tortoise

Find out one of the world's most endangered tortoises.

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Telfair's Skink Round Island (2), N. Cole
Telfair's skink

Telfair’s skinks, also known as Round Island skinks, were once found across Mauritius and its many offshore islands.

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More reptiles you'll see at Jersey Zoo

Bearded Pygmy Chameleon 2021 08
Bearded pygmy chameleon
Lesser Antillean Iguana 2021 03
Lesser Antillean iguana
Orange Tailed Skink 2021 06
Orange-tailed skink