Catch the ring-tailed lemurs striking a pose

Find our ring-tailed lemurs at the picturesque Lemur Lake next to the Island Bat Roost. With their striking black and white tails, ring-tailed lemurs are one of the most recognisable Madagascan mammals with plenty of personality.

Our lemurs spend their time exploring their spacious enclosure, foraging and play-fighting. On sunny days you’ll find them adopting yoga-style poses, hands upturned and heads back as they soak up the sunshine!

Did you know that lemurs have two tongues? The smaller cartilage tongue is under the main tongue and is exclusively used for grooming.

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Animal facts

Key facts about the ring-tailed lemur

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I'm found in Madagascar

Ring-tailed lemurs are extremely adaptable, living in both the hottest and coldest parts of Madagascar.

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My favourite food is tamarind

Fruits and leaves make up a large part of their omnivorous diet.

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I love to sing

These lemurs have 28 distinct calls, including meowing, clicking, and bark-like grunts.


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tail rings

Ring Tailed Lemur relaxing at Jersey Zoo
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A threatening future in the wild

Despite being a familiar zoo animal, the ring-tailed lemur is threatened with extinction in its native Madagascar. Human activity continues to destroy their habitat, which in turn is having a negative effect on their ability to forage for food, establish a territory and ultimately, breed.

Ring Tailed Lemur running at Jersey Zoo

Helping locals to protect the wild population

Since ring-tailed lemurs first arrived at Jersey Zoo, our keepers have made extremely valuable contributions to the knowledge and captive management of the species.

Durrell has well-established links with Madagascar, especially involving the conservation of lemurs. As well as captive breeding, vitally important habitat protection, research, education and training programmes are ongoing.

A number of Malagasy students have completed courses at the Durrell Conservation Academy and returned home with the skills needed to carry out vital conservation work and help protect wild lemur populations.

Help us care for our ring-tailed lemurs