Privacy: Legitimate Interest

Administration of our charity

As a charity our mission is to conserve the natural world for future where people and nature thrive. In order to deliver against these charitable purposes, we need to undertake certain processing activities. Some of these will be to govern our charity and its trading subsidiary, and some will be for operational administration reasons.

Specific examples of processing activities under this legitimate interest include:

  • Recording your communication and marketing preferences and maintaining suppression files so we don’t contact you when you have asked us not to.
  • Keeping a record of who our supporters are, your relationship with us, and your order and donation history.
  • Reviewing our database of supporters across the organisation for historical, scientific and statistical purposes.
  • Operational administration such as:
  • Recruiting and processing job applications.
  • Keeping employee records and monitoring.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Management and planning purposes.
  • Thanking you for your support.
  • Keeping you up to date with the work you are supporting and the latest conservation news.
  • Administering your donation by sending your bank details to our bank.
  • Financial management and controls such as:
  • Processing supplier invoices.
  • Administering grants to overseas offices for our programmatic work on the ground.
  • Taking steps to prevent fraud, knowing our donors, and taking steps to ensure there is no misuse of services or money laundering.
  • Enforcing legal claims including debt collection and out of court expenses.
  • Administering estates and gifts in Wills where Durrell is named as beneficiary or executor.

Contacting you by post and by phone

Contact with our supporters is vital to the way we operate. when you join Durrell , you are joining a worldwide movement and showing your support for saving species from extinction . We want to keep in touch with you and, along with telling you how your support is helping and what we have achieved together, we also want to keep you up to date with the numerous activities you can get involved with. We believe it is in our legitimate interest to send you such materials by post and to speak to you by phone, unless you have told us you prefer us not to. In order to achieve our mission we need people like you to support us, and to gather your support we need to be able to contact you.

Specific examples of processing activities under this legitimate interest include:

  • Sending marketing materials as detailed below, including:
  • Asking for financial and non-financial support
  • Inviting you to take part in campaigns and support our advocacy work
  • Inviting you to events by post and phone
  • Sending you details of products you can buy from our online shop by post
  • Providing you information on similar products you may purchase from our online shop, if you have previously purchased from us, and have not opted out of receiving such information
  • Understanding our supporters


It is important that we understand our supporters. If we don’t understand you, then we cannot communicate with you in a meaningful way, and in a way which will be engaging and interesting. If we understand you, then we are better able to direct communications to you which you will be interested in. This helps us safeguard your donations and ensure value for money across our communication activities. In order to understand our supporters better, we undertake a number of processing activities including analysis, research, profiling and customising your experience as detailed in this policy.

Specific examples of processing activities under this legitimate interest include:

  • Analysing our database and seeing what has worked and what hasn’t. This helps us develop our products and services, and helps inform our marketing strategy so we only send you information that we think will be of interest to you, and so that we understand the effectiveness of the marketing we serve you.
  • Researching your interests – we want to utilise your donations in the most cost effective way, and so we don’t send blanket messages to the entirety of our database. Rather, we deliver content we think will be relevant to you and personalised when appropriate.
  • In limited circumstances, analysing the personal information we collect about you and using publicly available information to better understand your interests, preferences and level of potential donations so that we can contact you more effectively.
  • Customising your experience and displaying more relevant information (including adverts) to you.