To tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss we must secure the future for both wildlife and people.

Madagascar is home to an exceptional array of wildlife, 90% of which is found nowhere else on the planet. Sadly, this magical island now has more endangered species than any other country in the world, making Durrell's work protecting its wildlife and wild places more vital than ever.

The island is also home to some of the world's poorest people who are reliant on nature for their livelihoods, but habitat loss, climate change and the illegal wildlife trade are devastating the incredible landscapes and pushing species to the brink of extinction.

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Never has the need been more urgent to protect this unique environment and preserve Madagascar's precious wildlife.

Durrell has worked with species for decades, but we need your support now to give them a future.


Species we're working to protect

A Ploughshare Tortoise at Jersey Zoo
Ploughshare tortoise

With less than 100 in the wild and prized for its beautiful shell, the ploughshare tortoise has been pushed to the brink by the illegal wildlife trade. Our aim is to continue to breed these tortoises and release them into a secure enclosure.

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Madagascar pochard

The world's rarest duck, this species was rediscovered in 2006 having been declared extinct in 1993. Our approach focuses on breeding the ducks and releasing them onto Lake Sofia so that this species can thrive again.

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Alaotran gentle lemur

We need to protect the precious wetlands around Lake Alaotra to give these beautiful lemurs a chance to survive. By working with local communities, we aim to restore healthy wetlands for both people and wildlife.

Madagascar Giant Side Necked Turtle basks in the sun
Madagascar big-headed turtle

The rere, as it is known locally, is the largest freshwater turtle in Madagascar but has suffered catastrophic population declines. Durrell's captive breeding and habitat protection are vital to give this species a future.

A gift from you will give hope to the unique wildlife of Madagascar

Madagascar Giant Side Necked Turtle 2021 03

Could pay for a week of nest protection for precious rere turtle eggs.

A Ploughshare Tortoise at Jersey Zoo

Could cover the costs of one day at the ploughshare tortoise breeding facility to ensure a safety net population for this species on the brink.

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Could fund a week of patrolling at Lake Alaotra to protect gentle lemurs from poachers and damage to their wetland home.