WHO is suitable?

The Durrell Conservation Award is open to Members of Durrell who are aged between 5 and 16 years old.

WHAT does it involve?

There are two compulsory modules and a selection of three other challenges for you to choose from. You can work towards Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The award is designed to suit everyone and includes drawing, writing, creating, fundraising and observing. There are choices within each modules to suit your environment- from bird watching or research to creating an insect hotel and recycling. You can also use the Durrell Conservation Award towards gaining youth group badges within guiding and scouting.

WHY take part in the award?

The award is fun, rewarding and challenging. You will learn practical skills to help you become a conservationist. By completing the award, you gain a certificate, mention in the magazine and a prize! whilst helping wildlife and the environment! For more information about the challenges, or to take part, please visit our website.

HOW to submit?

Fill out the award application form and send it along with details of which modules you have chosen and the evidence of your completed modules. Evidence can be photographic, or the completed writing/drawings. Send it to Tahnee.Blakemore@durrell.org or via post to Education Department, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Les Augrès Manor, Trinity, Jersey JE3 1JG. If you would like the work returned please include a stamped addressed envelope or equivalent with your work.