Jersey Zoo fights for survival

Durrell is calling for people to get behind their ‘Love Your Zoo’ appeal as they see the effects of COVID-19 devastating their income.

Jersey Zoo reopened its gates to visitors on 12th May; however, despite this, the charity is facing an uncertain future with its current revenue reduced by 80%.

Dr Lesley Dickie, Durrell’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Jersey Zoo is the heartbeat of Durrell, and if the zoo fails, the entire Trust fails. We have been open for four weeks but are seeing very limited visitors, and with no summer tourist season, we are in an extremely precarious position. We cannot simply mothball the zoo and would never compromise the care we give our animals, which are some of the rarest and most endangered species on Earth.” 

It costs £130,000 a month to care for the zoo’s 1,200 animals. In addition, there are outgoings for maintaining the site, as well as the charity’s global rewilding projects, conservation training, educational programmes and scientific research; the zoo says it needs around £700,000 a month to continue its mission of saving species from extinction.

Dr Dickie continued: “Jersey Zoo is very much woven into the island’s DNA and has been integral to the community for over 60 years, but we urgently need help to ensure that our zoo will still be part of Jersey’s future. We really need the whole community to get behind our charity and help us through this difficult time. As well as encouraging people to visit, donate or join as a member, we are calling on businesses or generous individuals to sponsor some of our animals. For example, £30,000 would care for our gorilla family, including silverback Badongo and baby Amari, until the end of the year. If someone could help us by covering these costs, that would be truly incredible.” 

As a charity, Durrell relies entirely on support from members, visitors and donors to look after the animals at Jersey Zoo and to continue their vital conservation work protecting precious ecosystems and threatened wildlife.

Thanks to the generosity of its members, donors and corporate partners the Love Your Zoo appeal, launched days after the zoo closed in March, has raised over £200,000. The team at Jersey Zoo are so grateful to those individuals and businesses that have supported this appeal, but they urgently need to raise more funds to survive.

How can you help Jersey Zoo?

Donate | Visit Jersey Zoo | Join as a member | Adopt an animal | Fundraise for Durrell | Shop or donate at the Durrell Charity Shop | Shop at Jersey Zoo’s gift shop

Businesses can also support in the following ways:

Sponsor the animals | Take out a membership for your employees | Reward your team with zoo tickets

Please contact to discuss collaborating with Jersey Zoo.