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Things are so rarely black and white these days.
But becoming a Durrell member is one of those clear cut situations, where the decision you make, today, can truly be a ‘win-win’.

Joining Durrell means so much.
It means priceless moments shared with family, it means sharing a passion for wildlife with your loved ones… it means reconnecting with the world around you. And ultimately, your Durrell membership means 'hope'; that together we can work to benefit the whole world around us.

Surely, the same cannot be said about any other decision you will make today!

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We think our members are pretty amazing.
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Our latest little delights...

New life is such a regular occurrence at Jersey Zoo! Membership means more regular visits, so you'll never miss our little arrivals, including our latest, a precious Andean bear cub - the first at Jersey Zoo since 1994!

...oh, and yours too.

With so much to discover and do, Durrell membership is a great way to inspire and entertain your family, no matter what their age. Help nurture the next conservation rockstar!

...and a whole planet too.

Ultimately, that's why we're here - and that's what makes you and our members so special. With you on our side, we fly together, saving not just animals, but entire ecosystems.

Visit Jersey Zoo, as often as you like, any time throughout the year.

A visit to Jersey Zoo introduces you to the wildest, most wonderful personalities, including cherished families of orangutans, gorillas and bears.

But it’s only when you return that you truly start to identify with them, learning their ways and whims. Looking into their eyes, you begin to understand the duty in us all, and the importance of doing what we can to ensure their survival in the wild.

When you share that experience with your family or loved one, you pass it all on to them; memories and impacts that never fade.

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Baby gorilla Indigo at Durrell Wildlife Park

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Our Mission: Saving
Species from Extinction

We are the champions of all animals...
...including the ‘little guys’, the inconspicuous creatures that are just as crucial to the ecology of the planet as the more appealing ones. We speak up for the animals that other people forget. By becoming a member, you are adding your voice, joining us to make the biggest possible impact on the chances of survival of those animals who need it most.

Some Durrell projects have been running for decades...
...while others are more recent. The support of our members, kind-hearted, caring people just like you, has undoubtedly contributed to efforts to improve the survival prospects of the various species we work with; some of the rarest, most threatened animals to be found anywhere on the planet. Let us show you a few examples...

Mauritius kestrel

- Mauritius -

In 1974 only four Mauritius kestrels were known to exist in the wild, making it the world’s rarest bird. Captive breeding and intensive management of wild birds over nearly 40 years have increased the wild population to several hundred.

Ploughshare tortoise

- Madagascar -

Due to illegal poaching, the ploughshare is the most threatened tortoise on the planet. Through a captive breeding programme set up in Madagascar in 1986, Jersey Zoo has bred and released more than 100 ploughshare tortoises into the wild.

Pygmy hog

- Assam, India -

The pygmy hog is the world’s smallest – and rarest – pig. Once thought to be extinct, the 100th captive-bred animal will be released into the wild in 2016 thanks to a breeding and release programme in northeast India.

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