Spend local to love your zoo

Jersey Zoo is delighted to be able to accept the Spend Local Cards due to be distributed to all islanders at the beginning of September. 

Using your Spend Local Card at Jersey Zoo will support an iconic part of Jersey’s heritage through these difficult times, and ensure that the zoo continues to inspire and delight future generations of islanders.


By choosing to spend your £100 at Jersey Zoo, you will help: 

- Care for some of the rarest animals on Earth 

- Inspire Jersey’s children to protect the natural world  

- Save species from extinction

- Ensure Jersey Zoo thrives into the future


How can I use my Spend Local Card?

- Buy a membership for yourself or a friend and enjoy visiting the zoo as many times as you like 

- Enjoy a day out at the zoo and treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea! 

- Adopt one of the amazing animals for yourself or a friend and help care for them now and into the future 

- Book a behind the scenes experience with the bears, birds, meerkats & otters

- Start your Christmas shopping at the Jersey Zoo shop, full of unique and exciting gifts 

- Book a staycation at the award-winning Durrell Wildlife Camp, open until 31st October 

- Visit the Durrell Charity Shop to discover pre-loved clothes, furniture and so much more! 


How do I use my Spend Local Card at Jersey Zoo? 

- To use your card, you will need to visit the zoo where they can be used to purchase memberships, adoptions, zoo entry, items in the gift shop and meals at the cafes 

- To enquire about staying at Durrell Wildlife Camp, please click here.

- To book an animal experience, please email 



Can I use my Spend Local Card online?  

No, you have to visit Jersey Zoo to use the card with the exception of the Durrell Wildlife Camp, which you can pay for over the phone. 


Can I donate my £100 to Durrell? 

The aim of the Spend Local Card is to drive the local economy so transactions rather than donations are encouragedHowever, if there is an outstanding balance on your card you may wish to donate this via our "Tap and Donate" stations around the zoo. 


How much does a Durrell membership cost? 

- £27 child 

- £48 single adult 

- £81 joint adult 

- £126 family (2 adults & 3 children) 


How do I book a stay at the Durrell Wildlife Camp? 

Please fill in the online form, call 01534 860097 or email to discuss availability. Payment can be taken over the phone.