Occupying the most beautiful, green part of Jersey’s most rural parish, Durrell Wildlife Park is thirty-two acres of lush rolling valleys, streams, waterfalls and mature trees – some of which are possibly up to 1000 years old. Summertime sees an explosion of floral colour, with everything from local wild flowers to exotic blooms, such as the 6 foot tall Chilean “turquoise puya”!

Although the awe-inspiring bears, gorillas and orangutans or perhaps the many beautifully The Parkcoloured birds, reptiles and amphibians may capture your eye – and your imagination – right away, there’s much more to be found! A patient and watchful visitor looking upwards in our woodlands may be greeted with the spectacle of tiny, free-roaming tamarin monkeys. A quiet walk in our wetlands reserve area may bring you into contact with lesser seen native bird species, who are free to come and go as they please! If you love wildlife, in all its forms, a leisurely visit will feel like ‘coming home’ for you – we guarantee it!

The Wildlife Park is home to around 120 species of exotic animals, with a high percentage of them from critically endangered populations, or highly threatened regions. Here in Jersey, they act as a ‘safety net’ population, and many are captive bred for re-release to the wild. If you care about conservation, and wonder what’s being done for some of the most under-pressure animals in the world, Durrell Wildlife Park is the place to see it in action. Additionally, your visit supports our mission – saving species from extinction!