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The DurrellsDiscover the hit TV drama series based on the young Gerald Durrell and his magical childhood on the Greek island of Corfu in the 1930s.

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Cast & Characters

Keeley Hawesas Louisa Durrell


  • About Keeley
  • About Louisa

Keeley Hawes was born in London, England as Claire Julia Hawes. She is best known for Death at the Funeral (2007), The Bank Job (2008) and The Avengers (1998).

She was trained at the Sylvia Young Theater School in London and left home at the age of 17.

Keeley was scouted at Oxford Street and began her modeling career from that point, after a year she was cast for her first movie, Karaoke (1996).

She is a mother of three children and married to Matthew Macfadyen.

Josh O'Connoras Larry Durrell


  • About Josh
  • About Larry

Josh O'Conner is a British actor originally from Cheltenham, England. He is known for his roles in the movies Hide and Seek (2013) and Bridgend (2015). He is trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and played both comic and dramatic parts.

Callum Woodhouseas Leslie Durrell


  • About Callum
  • About Leslie

Callum Woodhouse is a British actor known for Room 17 (2015). He was offered a place at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art at the age of 18. In July 2015 he graduated and is now doing one of his first roles in The Durrells and B&B.

Daisy Waterstoneas Margo Durrell


  • About Daisy
  • About Margo

Daisy Waterstone was born in Hammersmith, London, England.

She is best known for Testament of Youth (2014), Cyberbully (2015) and The Crucible (2014). Daisy completed her training at CSVPA and moved straight from the Drama Foundation course into professional work. She made her stage debut at The Old Vic in Yael Farber's production of The Crucible.

Milo Parkeras Gerry Durrell


  • About Milo
  • About Gerry

Milo Parker is a British actor trained at Youngblood Theatre Company and made his feature film debut in the British independent science fiction film Robot Overlords (2014).

After that he played Roger in Mr. Holmes (2015), for which he earned a nomination for the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer. He also played in Ghosthunters on Icy Trails (2015).

In an interview for The Lady, Sir Ian McKellen had only positive words about him telling he had no fear for the camera and did exactly what the director wanted when required.

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Keeley Hawes

Louisa Durrell

Josh O'Connor

Larry Durrell

Callum Woodhouse

Leslie Durrell

Daisy Waterstone

Margo Durrell

Milo Parker

Gerry Durrell

Gerald Durrell

"A friend to all animals"the extraordinary life of Gerry

  • About
  • Wildlife
  • Author

Youngest son of mum Louisa Durrell, Gerry's formative years played out alongside the enigmatic cast of wonderful creatures he encountered on the Greek island of Corfu.

Gerry would go on to become a revered world conservation hero, and champion of all animals, especially those under threat and over looked by others.

He also became a celebrated author, penning novels and stories that captured the imagination of generations of animal lovers, charmed by the characteristic warmth and good humour of his words.

In 1959 he founded his own zoo in Jersey, which to this day embodies his boundless spirit and passion for saving threatened animals from extinction, no matter what the odds.

Gerry’s books include My Family and Other Animals, and if you love "The Durrells", this enchanting book on which it’s based should be firmly on your shopping list!

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All images taken on the set of filming for the second series

The magic of fireflies, the captivating chorus of frogs and the glittering turquoise waters of Corfu inspired Gerry’s life long love of animals and nature....

...but Gerry’s real legacy lies on another island, Jersey.
Here, he founded Jersey Zoo, a shining ray of hope for threatened animals everywhere.

Gerald Durrell

What started as a boyish enthusiasm for animals ended as something irreplaceby vital: A wildlife 'Ark' that's saved many of the animals Gerry loved from extinction.

Discover 'What Gerry Did Next', and how you can follow in his footsteps. Join others who share a passion for wildlife and #BeMoreDurrell!

#BeMoreDurrell today!

What Gerry Did Nextfrom boundless young animal enthusiast to celebrated world conservation hero


Discover Gerald Durrell

The Durrell family thought the boy would outgrow his 'unseemly' fascination for animals...

About Gerald Durrell Gerry's timeline

Gerry’s Legacy: Jersey Zoo

Just an hour’s flight from many UK airports, world famous Jersey Zoo really is on your doorstep. We’d love to introduce you to Gerry’s treasured and inspirational legacy.

Discover Jersey Zoo

Gerald Durrell Week at Jersey Zoo

15th July - 21st July, Jersey Zoo

See the world through the eyes of one of the it's most influential conservationists by joining us at Jersey Zoo for this unique and memorable course.

Led by the zoo's Honorary Director, Dr Lee Durrell, you'll go behind the scenes in the animal departments and discover, first hand, the major conservation programmes that are saving species across the world.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to walk in Gerald Durrell's footstraps at Jersey Zoo!

More info and booking

The Durrells StoreLose yourself in the magic of gerry’s stories. All proceeds fund the vital animal saving work carried out by durrell, the organisation he founded.

My Family and Other Animals, by Gerald Durrell ITV Series Edition

£7.99 (ex. VAT)

'This is the story of a five-year sojourn that I and my family made on the Greek island of Corfu. It was originally intended to be a mildly nostalgic account of the natural history of the island, but I made a grave mistake by introducing my family into the book in the first few pages' - Gerald Durrell OBE 'Bewitching' - Sunday Times

£7.99Add to basket

The Corfu Trilogy, by Gerald Durrell

£14.99 (ex. VAT)

Further memories from Corfu. This book contains three classic tales, loved by generations of adults and children alike, which are now available in one volume for the first time. Includes "My Family and Other Animals", "Birds Beasts and Relatives" and "The Garden of The Gods".

£14.99Add to basket

Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons, by Gerald Durrell

£7.99 (ex. VAT)

Mauritius, the green and mountainous island in the Indian Ocean, was once the home of the ill-fated dodo, and by the 1970s it still had many unique but seriously endangered species. To rescue some of these creatures from extinction, Gerald Durrell spent uncomfortable nights in the jungle looking for bats and pink pigeons, and climbed near-vertical rock faces to find Telfair's skinks and Gunther's geckos, spending his spare time exploring the enchanted worlds of the coral reefs with their varied multi-coloured marine life. By the end of his trip, he had an extraordinary collection of animals to take to his Jersey sanctuary from where the progeny could, in time, be restored to Mauritius.

£7.99 Ex TaxRead more

Three Singles to Adventure, By Gerald Durrell

£7.99 (ex. VAT)

'Three singles to Adventure please,' I said, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. 'Yes, sir,' said the clerk. 'First or second class?' In 1950 Gerald Durrell travelled to the country then known as British Guiana, now called Guyana, to bring back a living collection of the fauna native to that corner of South America. There he met with many kinds of adventure: some amusing, some thrilling and some extremely irritating. The team travel on a riverboat up the Essequibo through the green and lush tropical forests  and trek across a landscape teeming with life and a riot of colours. He gets into a sticky situtation with an angry two-toed sloth and learns how (or how not) to lasso a galloping anteater. As Durrell tells us from the outset, there is one thing to be said for collecting animals: it can never be describer as dull. 'You can't deny that there are some species that now exist because of him' - Craig Bennet, Friends of the Earth 'A renegade who was right... He was truly a man before his time' - Sir David Attenborough  

£7.99Add to basket

The Aye-Aye and I, By Gerald Durrell

£8.99 (ex. VAT)

The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is home to woodlice the size of golf balls, moths the size of regency fans and the Aye-Aye, a type of lemur held by local superstition to be an omen of death. But when Gerald Durrell visited the island, the destruction of the forests meant that the Aye-Aye and many other unique creatures were in danger of extinction.

£8.99Add to basket

Beasts in my Belfry, By Gerald Durrell

£7.99 (ex. VAT)

'At the age of two I made up my mind quite firmly and uneqivocally that the only thing I wanted to do was study animals. Nothing else interested me.' Gerald Durrell would one day become a much-loved conservationist. In Beasts in my Belfy he takes his first step towards fulfilling his ambition in this charming account of his job as a student keeper in Whipsnade Park in 1945. The eager young Durrell observes his co-workers and animal charges alike, including Albert, the ventriloquist lion, who amuses himself by jumping out at people. Whether getting dirty mucking out the buffalo enclosure or attempting to cajole a skittish gnu into a transportation crate, life in the zoo is certainly never boring.  

£7.99Add to basket

A Zoo In My Luggage, By Gerald Durrell

£8.99 (ex. VAT)

Join Gerry and his wife on their animal collecting expedition to the Cameroons, helped by the renowned Fon of Bafut. Meet Cholmondely the chimpanzee, Bug Eye the bush-baby and many other founding members of the Durrell collection.

£8.99Add to basket

Encounters with Animals, By Gerald Durrell

£8.99 (ex. VAT)

'I once travelled back from Africa on a ship with an Irish captain who didn't like animals. This was unfortunate, because most of my luggage consisted of about two-hundred-odd cages of assorted wildlife' Moving from the West Coast of Africa to the Northern tip of South America and elsewhere, Durrell observes the courtships, wars and characters of a variety of creatures, from birds of paradise to ants and ant eaters, among others. 'If animals, birds and insects could speak, they would possibly award Durrell one of their first Nobel Prizes. His creatures are as alive as his style'

£8.99Add to basket

The Whispering Land, By Gerald Durrell

£8.99 (ex. VAT)

Along windswept Patagonian shores and in Argentine tropical forests he encounters a range of animals, from penguins to elephant seals. But, as always, he is drawn to those rare and interesting creatures which he hopes will thrive and breed in captivity. This book tells the tale of how he, his wife and secretary, Sophie, spent eight months in Argentina, in order to bring back a South American collection for the Jersey Zoo, and how, in spite of many setbacks, this was what he did. 'A delight, with never a dull moment from Buenos Aires to Patagonia, thanks to Durrell's extraordinary ability to communicate his exuberant pleasure in his chosen work' New York Times

£8.99Add to basket