If you’re in need of some homeschooling inspiration or simply looking for an animal-themed activity to keep you busy, then look no further! Try some of these ideas to keep you and your little monkeys entertained at home…

Take a 360° virtual tour around Jersey Zoo

Get Creative

Stay Home Gorillas: design your own gorilla sculpture

Colouring for animal lovers: Alaotran gentle lemur

Colouring for animal lovers: Mission golden-eyed tree frog

Colouring for animal lovers: Andean bear

Colouring for animal lovers: Sunda wrinkled-hornbill

Colouring for animal lovers: Western lowland gorilla Bahasha and baby

Colouring for animal lovers: Ploughshare tortoise

Complete the drawing: beautiful butterfly

Make an animal mask: gorilla

Creative Creatures bunting

Get your thinking caps on!

Play Bug Bingo

Wild word search

Emoji quiz: Guess the animal names

Crossword: batty for fruit bats

* Click here for Emoji quiz answers

Get Inspired

Watch: Love Your Zoo LIVE

Watch: Meet the Bears

Watch: Meet the Marmosets

Watch: Meet the Meerkats

Watch: Meet the Lemurs

Watch: Meet the Tortoises

Watch: Meet the Gorillas

Watch: Meet the Orangutans

Watch: Journey Home

Watch: Durrell’s Underhogs

Watch: The Birdman

Watch: When I Grow Up

Watch: Generation Rewild