Lepidoptera Butterfly Print Pouch Bag

Lepidoptera Butterfly Print Pouch Bag

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Lepidoptera (n) – an order of insects that comprises the butterflies and moths.

This print takes inspiration from antiquarian butterfly collections, now on display in museums, that included everything from giant Amazonian blue morpho butterflies to the humble cabbage white. Each butterfly has been hand painted in watercolour before being digitally printed onto the thick, pure cotton panama outer of this pouch bag.

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Also the Bison pouch bags have a robust cotton outer and are finished with a shiny silver metal zip. Their black waterproof lining makes them sturdy enough to keep your trinkets and treasures safe and accompany you on all your adventures. These work great as pencil case, a make up bag, or a small wash bag but are also great for organising anything in your bag when you are out and about. They are sealed with a decorative belly band and make a perfect gift.

Dimensions: 24 x 15cm

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