Licensing and promotions

Aligning your company’s product with a charitable cause is one of the most effective ways to increase positive perception of your organisation. It has been proven, time and again, that consumers prefer to buy something that endorses a charity and its messages.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust can offer your company and your products excellent opportunities to do just that.


the distinctive Durrell brand and logo in association with a product could increase visibility of your products to your existing and potential customers. Working with Durrell, you will be aligning your business with a highly regarded global brand, known to be at the forefront of worldwide conservation. Brand licensing with Durrell would allow you to tap into one of the most respected conservation brands in the world and reap the dividends of an established and loyal supporter base.

For more information on how an association with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust can help you promote your business values and raise your profile please contact

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