Can you put a price on saving a species?

by Durrell - September 5, 2016

Mountain chicken frog eating tarantula - credit Sarah-Louise AdamsPhoto: Franco Andreone (Wildscreen Exchange)

Help us save amphibians this #InternationalDayOfCharity

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This #InternationalCharityDay, we’re asking a simple question: Can you put a price on saving a species?

We believe each and every threatened animal we work with is priceless. But the reality is, securing the future of a species costs money, and this is where we want to say a humongous ‘thanks’ to our amazing supporters.

If you saw our #IHelpDurrell videos earlier today, you’ll know just how passionate these wonderful people are in joining us to secure the future of animals seriously under threat and, all too often, overlooked. They bring hope, and without them, that hope simply wouldn’t exist.

No animal group fits this category more than amphibians. They are the most threatened vertebrate group in the world, with 40% of all species threatened with extinction.

A frog call is to night, what birdsong is to day. We don’t want something that precious to be extinguished forever, and we know you don’t either.

It costs us £400 per day to run SAFE, an ambitious programme recognising that urgent action is needed to protect them from some of the most intimidating threats to survival a species has encountered, ever.

This #InternationalDayOfCharity, will you help us raise funds to keep the Programme funded for the day? If just 100 people donated £4 to our SAFE Programme, this would help us protect this highly vulnerable animal group. Thank you.

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