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Sarah embarked on her journey with Durrell in March 2021, stepping into a pivotal role managing the financial operations of overseas field and science programmes. Sarah then assumed the mantle of Head of Finance. In this expanded capacity, she not only continued her stewardship of overseas programmes but also took on the responsibility of overseeing finances for the Zoo and Commercial departments. She has now stepped into the role of Interim Director of Finance, assuming the responsibility of ensuring fiscal resilience and sustainability for Durrell during this transitional period.

Before joining Durrell, Sarah held several managerial positions in the finance sector, where she honed her skills in budgeting, financial analysis, and strategic planning. However, it was her passion for environmental causes that ultimately led her to transition into the nonprofit sector. Recognising the critical role that finances play in advancing conservation efforts, Sarah has made it her mission to apply her expertise in support of Durrell’s strategy.