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Gillian Arthur MBE


Gillian is an experienced organizational leader who has held senior or board member roles in a range of organisations: global and local, commercial and not for profit, large and small. In these roles, Gillian has been addressing the people strategies that allow organisations to change and adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

Gillian began her career in London for an international bank and subsequently worked in Brazil and the US. She held senior human resources director positions for Asia and for North America, Europe and Japan. She then became head of operations for the UK’s international development finance body with investments across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Involvement in managing this portfolio gave her first-hand experience of struggling habitats and the conflict between people and biodiversity. Using this experience, Gillian was appointed to the statutory body overseeing the environmental and social actions and policies of a UK government department.

Gillian has been heavily involved in philanthropy, acting for over 20 years as a trustee of both UK and Jersey charities. As a philanthropy advisor, she worked with donors to advise and support them with their charitable giving.