TV Presenter, Naturalist and Explorer Monty Halls joins the Durrell Team

We are delighted to announce that Monty Halls has joined the Durrell team as our newest ambassador to help with our mission of saving species from extinction.

Monty is a conservationist, an explorer and a well-known TV presenter, who as a young boy was inspired by Gerald Durrell’s vision to protect and save the natural world.

Commenting on Durrell’s latest ambassador, our CEO Dr Lesley Dickie said “We are honoured that Monty is working with Durrell to help spread the word about our vital work. Monty’s passion for wildlife and the world around us is infectious and we are so grateful to Monty for supporting our mission”

Monty’s new Chanel 4 Series, My Family and the Galápagos, is a homage to Gerald Durrell and looks at the magical Galápagos Islands through the eyes of his young children. Monty is also President of the Galápagos Conservation Trust, one of Durrell’s core partners.

“Gerald Durrell set me on my way as a young naturalist, with his books creating the spark that ignited my career in conservation" said Monty. "To be asked to be an Ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a huge honour – I have witnessed their work around the world, their dedication, drive, and genuine impact. I look forward to representing what I believe is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative of all conservation organisations, one that honours the memory of the man himself.”

Monty will be speaking about the Galápagos Islands at Durrell’s annual London Lecture at The Royal Institution of Great Britain on 15th November 2018.