Professor Carl Jones Nominated for St David Awards

Professor Carl Jones, Durrell’s Chief Scientist and Winner of the 2016 Indianapolis prize, has recently been nominated for the St David Awards, an award which annually recognises and celebrates the exceptional achievements of people in Wales.

Commenting on his nomination, Carl said, "I am delighted to have been named a finalist for the St. David Awards. I am very proud that my work is being recognised in Wales, and the nomination demonstrates that our effort to conserve wildlife, including some of the less spectacular species, is valued internationally."

The awards acknowledge people who are making a real difference for the country – either at home or abroad. They are great marks of distinction and the highest accolades that Welsh Government confers on their citizens nationally.

They are the "awards of awards" and the natural destination for all those who have won other sectoral or community awards.

Carl also said, "I hope that some of the lessons learnt in Mauritius can be applied to some of the problems we have in Wales. There is a great deal to do and I want to help with the restoration of the Red Squirrel and Turtle Dove populations and to re-introduce White-tailed Eagles and Wildcats."

We wish Carl the best of luck.