Our Andean bear cub has a name

We are delighted to announce that the Andean bear cub born at the Wildlife Park on 3rd January has been named! After much deliberation, the name Raymi has been chosen. The winning name was selected from more than 200 entries.

Commenting on the cub’s new name, senior mammal keeper Jenna Hunt said, “Raymi means celebration in Quechua, which we felt was very appropriate as he is the first cub born at the Park in over 20 years. Mani, which means peanut, was a close second. We decided that although it was cute, it might not suit him once he is fully grown! Ukumari, another name for the spectacled bear, was also fairly popular.”

Jenna Hunt says the cub is coming on in leaps and bounds.

“When the bears are outside, Raymi is up the top of every tree he can get to, often chasing the crows! He is now much more confident and loves to interact with keepers through the mesh inside, but like any youngster he still needs frequent naps.”

The competition to name the bear cub helped raise a total of £1,525. These funds are vital in helping Durrell to provide the best possible care for it’s young bear family. Proceeds will also be used to help to save animals from extinction in the our conservation projects around the world.