It's a BOY!

We're delighted to announce that Bahia's cub is a little boy!

The Andean bear cub has started venturing out more and more outside the birthing den, finally giving keepers the chance to get a proper look… and they have confirmed that is indeed a boy.

Visitors to Durrell Wildlife Park will occasionally be able see the cub when he comes into the inside viewing area. He is still needs lots of naps though so often wanders back to the safety of his den.

Senior mammal keeper Jenna Hunt says he is still finding his feet. "He tumbles over a lot and is not fully in control of his movements. He is already attempting to climb though, so he'll get stronger and stronger and will soon be shimmying up the trees! We are starting to offer Bahia the option of going outside, but as of yet the cub hasn't been brave enough to venture out."