Informing conservation decision-makers in Seychelles

Towards the end of September staff from Durrell Conservation Training Ltd (Mauritius) ran a two-day retreat for senior decision makers across the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change to help develop a more participative approach to stakeholder engagement.

We considered how to develop the process within the context of marine protected areas, pollution and climate change mitigation. In particular we focused on how we can review the stakeholder consultation process within the context of Environmental Impact Assessments. Twenty participants attended the workshop, including Permanent Secretaries, Director Generals and other senior staff across the Ministry.

It was particularly exciting to meet up with Marc Jean Baptiste again, whom we last saw when he participated in the 2012 DESMAN course in Jersey. It was very rewarding to see how Marc has grown into an important leader in Seychelles, overseeing the conservation of threatened species including the unusual, coco de mer plant, that produced the largest seeds in the world!