Fantasy Wild Wood Opens at Durrell Wildlife Park

Younger visitors to Durrell have a new mini adventure waiting for them at the Wildlife Park. An unoccupied paddock has been transformed into a ‘Fantasy Wild Wood’. This immersive and educational experience has been designed with children aged 4-7 in mind.

Within this naturally enclosed area we have created an ‘eye-spy’ nature trail to capture the imagination of little minds. Children and their parents can discover the secret path that meanders through the wild wood and past the woodcutter’s cottage as they explore this fantasy habitat looking for giant toadstools, ladybirds, squirrels, bird’s nests and so much more.

‘We wanted to offer something for children under 7 in the zoo that was both educational and fun.

Our education department did a lot of research with early learning specialists to really understand the needs of our younger visitors’ commented CEO Dr Lesley Dickie.

Children can collect their explorers guide from the Visitors Centre. The Fantasy Wild Wood is open to all members and visitors to the Wildlife Park as well as school trips.

The naturally enclosed space is situated between the Macaques and the Howler monkeys and is open from 9.30am – 5pm every day.