Calling Generation Rewild: Be part of the new Durrell Strategy and Short Film

In an endless universe where life is so rare. There’s a precious planet WE wild things share. It’s a place of wonder, filled with colourful lands and its future health rests in our powerful hands.

Durrell has a new vision and needs your help to communicate this message.

CEO, Lesley Dickie: “Durrell’s new vision for a wilder, healthier and more colourful world will drive the whole organisation here in Jersey and worldwide over the next nine years. Children are the next generation to inherit the planet, so the call to rewild is also their call, which we want to hear in their own voices. At Durrell we want to rewild children and reconnect them to nature.”

Founder/ Creative Director of NAUTILUS, Dean Maryon: “Inspired by the important work that Durrell does worldwide, I’m passionate about putting together a short film to help convey Durrell’s new Rewild vision – making more tangible what it sets out to achieve and why it’s so important to us all.”  

We are casting 16 children from a multitude of ethnicities, aged 6 to 17 years old, who are excited to be a part of Durrell’s new vision. Children would need to be available for a couple of hours’ filming after school or on weekends.  

Parents/ legal guardians, to get your children involved please email us the following no later than this Friday 15 September at  1. Child’s full name, age and one, colour photograph 2. Parent/ guardian name and contact number 3. Days NOT available for filming