Businesses need to be at the top of their game to deal with impending climate change legislation

We were delighted to recently host climate change advisor, Barbara Black at the annual Durrell Business Breakfast.

Sponsored for the eighth year by RBC Wealth Management, Barbara warned Jersey businesses of the reality of climate change, emphasising the need to be proactive in today’s climate. Addressing the audience Barbara said, “Changes are happening very fast so businesses need to be at the top of their game. They need to be conscious of the potential for future regulation and policies on climate change.

“There are several things they can do – cautiously dumping fossil fuel assets, changing their own business strategies and reducing their energy footprint, for instance. The faster changes are made, the less it’s going to cost and the more efficient it’s going to be. Early birds will have an advantage.”

Barbara also spoke about the changes in the investment marketplace as a result of climate change, such as divestment of fossil fuels and the opportunities associated with renewable energies.

Barbara was joined at the event by Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Durrell who said, “Climate change is yet another pressure on the fragile habitats and the species that live in them. It’s worst of all on islands where most of our field projects are based. Animals can’t migrate to maintain their climatic conditions.

“Our work restoring wetlands in Madagascar, forests in the Indian Ocean islands and Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest is also vital to redressing the damage being caused by carbon emissions.”

Dom Wormell, Head of Mammals at Durrell also spoke at the breakfast seminar and emphasised that the best way to mitigate climate change is to invest in biodiversity.

“The biosphere is like a blanket that protects us and makes life possible. We are one species within that biosphere but our actions are literally pulling this protective blanket apart.”

Speaking of RBC Wealth Management's sponsorship of the event, Chris Blampied, Head of Banking said: “Barbara's call for businesses to be proactive in the face of climate change is evident. At RBC, we recognise the importance and seriousness of climate change and have implemented a global programme, the RBC Environmental Blueprint, to do our part to combat it and increase our sustainability as a company. I hope other businesses join us in taking a stand against climate change.”

The Durrell Business Breakfast seminar took place on Friday, 6th November at the Pomme d’Or Hotel. Download the full presentation here.