Birthday Bear Raymi Turns One Year Old

Our adventurous Andean bear cub Raymi had another new experience on 3rd January - his very first birthday! Durrell staff are reflecting on a wonderful year in the life of this precious little cub, and the inquisitive young bear he's becoming.

Senior Mammal Keeper Jenna Hunt said, “We were over the moon when Bahia gave birth to her first cub as he was the first Andean bear to be born at Durrell in 20 years. This year we’ve watched Raymi grow into a very independent and playful young bear. He’s really boisterous just like his dad, Quechua, and spends lots of time running around the dens and climbing right to the top of the trees outside.”

Raymi has been a joy for visitors and staff to watch over the past year, and we’re sure many of his admirers would love to buy him a birthday gift.

But what do you buy a bear for their birthday? Porridge, honey, fruit, vegetables? Find out here:

This isn’t just a special time for our three bears because of Raymi’s birthday. It’s also mum Bahia’s 6th birthday on the 30th December and dad Quechua’s 6th birthday on the 31st January! Please join us in celebrating our three bears' birthdays by paying them a visit at the zoo or if you can't make it, buy them a special birthday treat online.