Amphibian Festival at Ivoloina Park, Madagascar

20 June 2019
By Bela Barata

In Madagascar, our partner from Amphibian Survival Alliance and Amphibian Programme Leader Tsanta Rakotonanahary has been busy implementing education campaigns related to amphibian conservation. In May 2019, an Amphibian Festival was held at Ivoloina, a recreational and educational zoological park home to lemurs, reptiles, amphibians, and other native Malagasy species near the city of Toamasina, eastern Madagascar. 

The theme of the festival was the conservation of amphibians and their environment and was part of our CEPF funded project ‘Building a Future for the Amphibians of Madagascar’. 

The Amphibian Festival delivered several activities to adults and children from local villages and surrounding communities. The festival kicked off with a traditional singing and dancing competition. Four local groups presented their songs and dances which had the message ‘help us save the unique amphibians of Madagascar’. 

A football tournament for men and women was also organised with the participation of 6 teams, with the winners receiving a trophy and prizes. Other activities included poetry, radio transmission, face painting and various animations. 

The CEPF project ‘Building a Future for the Amphibians of Madagascar’ aims to build an effective amphibian conservation effort in Madagascar by promoting a comprehensive and coordinated national approach. 

impact on hundreds of endemic amphibian species of Madagascar and over 10 Key Biodiversity Areas in the country. By engaging with local communities, we hope to spread the word on the importance of amphibians and the need to protect their habitats.