A Catherine Best Creation for Conservation

This year, jeweller Catherine Best and her team have been involved with Durrell, primarily with the Investec Rainforest Ball, a fundraising event which took place in September. Catherine designed a bespoke necklace, which was auctioned on the night of the ball to raise valuable funds for Durrell and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP).

Catherine is not only a hugely successful designer and business woman, she is also well known for her passion and love for animals. “We cannot just sit back and ignore what is happening to endangered species like the Sumatran orangutan and other threatened species all over the world. Durrell are doing such an amazing job that I couldn’t help but get involved in some way. We are fortunate to have successful businesses and it is important to me to use that success to give something back locally and around the world, wherever possible.”

Catherine campaigns regularly, helping raise awareness of animals in danger of extinction and for local charities that need help too. She also has a small farm in Guernsey, which houses horses, sheep, lamas and geese, where she spends time enjoying the beautiful land, mucking out stables and collecting eggs from her hens and quails.

Continuing with her commitment to raise awareness and fundraise for Durrell, Catherine has recently created a beautiful silver piece titled the ‘Durrell Wildlife Silver Dodo Bracelet’. We would like to thank Catherine for kindly donating a percentage of every sale to Durrell. Her generosity and support helps us to carry out our mission of saving species from extinction.