A: Our ‘pods’ are technically ‘geodesic domes’ – accommodation that blurs the lines between camping and luxury chalets. Each is made from an aluminium frame, and covered with a heavyweight, British made, insulated canvas ‘skin’.

Each pod is set on a large wooden platform with landscaping and positioning of the pods providing you an area and privacy. As a result, you won’t find yourself looking over other campers. Likewise, your own little ‘habitat’ will be secluded and exclusive!

A: Jersey is famous for it’s favourable climate and we enjoy more sunshine than many other parts of the UK. However; should it rain during your stay, be assured that our pods are designed to be weatherproof. Each pod is raised on a wooden decking that allows runoff water to be drained away… no wet groundsheets when you camp with us!

The camp is situated in a wooded copse, offering natural shelter from the elements. Here at Durrell we have been providing natural shelter for animals from all over the world… rest easy; we have you covered!

Each pod has it’s own wood-burning stove for cosy heat, and there are ventilation points should the glorious Jersey summer become a scorcher!

One bag of logs for the wood-burning stove, plus a starter kit, are included in the package. Should you require more, the wildlife camp rangers have further bags available for purchase. Stoves are fully ventilated, maintained and safety checked, and are cleaned thoroughly between each stay.

A: Each pod will sleep two adults and two children. Cots are available on request. Additionally, if there are more than two children in your group, you can hire a tipi – a wigwam style mini-pod that can sleep an extra two children.

The tipi’s entrance is separate from the main pod, but stands on the same plot, so your little campers can enjoy some safe independence.

Quite how you decide who gets to have the tipi adventure, we’ll leave to you!

A: Jersey, on the whole, enjoys a very low crime rate. However, we suggest that you exercise reasonable caution with your belongings, for your own peace of mind.

Wildlife camp rangers will be on site during your stay, providing extra security.

A: Actually, we can do even better; next to every sleeping pod, you’ll find your very own private flushing toilet and shower.

A: Each pod has a two-ring electric stove, fully integrated. We also equip each pod with cookware, cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils. Washing up liquid and cleaning supplies are provided.

There is an ice-box in each pod, for keeping food cold; it’s friendlier to the environment, and less noisy than a refrigerator.

There is a large communal barbecue that serves the campsite at Lemur Lodge, with BBQ packs are available by arrangement.

Speaking of the restaurant, there are actually two to choose from at the wildlife park, Cafe Firefly (in the visitor centre) and our ‘Dodo Restaurent’, which is located in the heart of the park.

Both have exterior terraces with stunning views, and each has it’s own, separate, fantastic menu; so cooking can be a choice, not a necessity!

A: Not exactly; you will be able to come and go as you please during park opening times, including events.

A: Each pod has two AC240v electricity outlets, so you shouldn’t need to fight over who’s plugged in!

A: Sorry, the pods don’t have televisions. As lovely and cosy as our pods are, we want you to enjoy the sights and activities that Durrell – and Jersey – have to offer. This is getting back to nature, just with a helping of luxury!

A: The camp has no dedicated laundry facilities, but the nearby Durrell Wildlife Hostel has a laundry that you could use if you desperately needed to wash something during your stay.

A: Yes, you may also wish to bring towels, to save purchasing our towel service; although this is, of course, available should you wish to travel light.

Yes, we’d be delighted to have you stay, with the one caveat that we have two disabled access pods, and these are subject to availability at the time of booking.

The shower-room and WC for both of our disabled access pods are fully equipped with handrails and ramps – although should you require a hoist, we ask that you request one when making your booking enquiry. This way we can be sure to have everything ready for your stay.

Once you are here, the communal facilities and the wildlife park itself are all designed to include everyone, though there are some relatively steep hills in the park itself. Our wildlife park rangers will be happy to assist you should you need them – we don’t want any of our guests to miss a thing whilst at Durrell Wildlife Camp!