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Her home is being destroyed.
Help us rescue it.Discover gentle lemur Tantely's story

Critical Madagascar Campaign
Gentle lemur habitat in Lac Alaotra threatened by burning and clearing

Please donate todayFund our vital species saviours and enable themto protect the Critically Endangered Alaotran gentle lemur's last remaining habitat

Meet Tantely - an Alaotran gentle lemur

She is a gentle lemur, but there is nothing gentle about what is happening to her home.

For Tantely, ‘home’ is the reedbeds of Lac Alaotra, the largest lake in Madagascar. She is found nowhere else in the world other than this one reedbed, in this one lake.

Tantely, wild gentle lemur in the reedbeds of Lac Alaotra, Madagascar
Gentle lemur with pups, Lac Alaotra, Madagascar

Lac Alaotra teeters on the brink

The lake is hugely important for over half a million people who share it with Tantely, yet the reedbed is disappearing. Fast.

What does this mean? It means Tantely loses her home, people lose vital resources and the lake stops functioning.

Nobody wins.

There is hope... support our species saviours

In 2015, we and our partners secured the whole lake as a protected area to be run by local people. Now we can create lasting change.

We need to work tirelessly, 365 days a year, to keep Tantely, her family and all the plants and animals of Lac Alaotra safe.

Durrell community patrollers on duty at Lac Alaotra, Madagascar

That’s where our ‘species saviours’, local community patrollers, come in. They patrol the lake looking for signs of illegal activities such as burning and cutting in the reeds. Their work is hard, exhausting, at times dangerous... and truly vital.

Please help fund our species saviours, and play your part in the story of Tantely and Lac Alaotra's gentle lemurs

Images courtesy Chris Scarffe


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