Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 1pm

Taking donations:
Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 1pm

What we're looking for:
Pre-loved, saleable items, ladies’ men’s and children’s clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, jewellery, toys, books, linen, soft furnishings, kitchenware, music, pictures and small furniture.

How you can help

If you have had a clear-out recently and are preparing to drop off your items to the charity shop, here are a few ways you can help us in advance of donating.

  • - Before donating large items of furniture, please email images to and we will confirm if we have the capacity to accept the items (changes have been made to our storage area, reducing our capacity to store large items).
  • - Please put any clothing and other fabrics through the washing machine
  • - Please wipe down any hard surfaces
  • - Please only donate items that can be sold – if you think that someone you know would buy it, then we would love to receive it!
  • - If you have a large amount of items to donate, please consider staggering your donations to help us with our storage capacity.
  • - Please do not leave donations outside when we are closed. This frequently results in your kindly donated goods being stolen or damaged, meaning they cannot be sold to raise funds for Durrell. The disposal of damaged items also costs the charity money.

Items we do not accept

We are extremely grateful for the generous donations we receive from our supporters. However, we are unable to accept the following items:

  • - Anything broken, dirty, incomplete or unsafe
  • - Children’s car seats or booster seats
  • - Mattresses
  • - Baby monitors, walking frames, door bouncers and baby slings
  • - Safety gates
  • - All types of protective headgear
  • - Swimming aids, such as floats and life jackets
  • - Gas and oil appliances
  • - Poisonous, toxic and hazardous substances
  • - White goods – cookers, washing machines, fridges and microwaves
  • - Electric fires
  • - Medical equipment and medication
  • - Firearms and ammunition
  • - Weapons (including replicas) or sharp objects that can be used as weapons – knives, darts, swords
  • - Opened cosmetics
  • - Pornographic items
  • - Animal products – items made of fur, ivory, bone, turtle, tortoiseshell, or any endangered species

Would you like to be a Volunteer?
Would you like to be a volunteer for our charity shop? If so please contact Daniel Craven on 01534 860 045 or by email

Contact us

01534 811 040
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