The crisis facing our beautiful planet is at tipping point but together we can help heal the harm by training the next generation of conservation leaders.

The Carl Jones Scholarship, named after Durrell’s Chief Scientist, who has saved at least nine species from extinction, will enable the brightest conservationists to access our world leading conservation training.

Education has the power to improve the health of our planet and drive widespread change for nature. Together we can empower the next generation of conservation leaders via the Carl Jones Scholarship.

Watch ‘The Power of One’, narrated by Carl Jones.

Watch Carl tell his inspiring story of being mentored by Gerald Durrell and working with the world’s rarest species.

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Donate today and you can help create a wilder, healthier more colourful world. The remarkable work achieved by Durrell at Jersey Zoo and in the wild to save species from extinction, has only been possible due to the generosity of supporters like you.


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