Pygmy Hog T-shirt

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The smallest pig in the world is also the rarest. Once thought to be extinct, Durrell has been instrumental in saving this species since their rediscovery in the 1970’s.

Loss and degradation of the pygmy hog’s habitat threatens to wipe out the species, but successful reintroductions offer hope for the future.

The captive breeding centres in Assam maintain the only captive population of pygmy hogs in the world. This group was founded by just six wild hogs in 1996. To date, the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme has released over 130
captive-bred hogs back into the wild.

To learn more about our work with pygmy hogs in India, and the inspiration behind the Durrell’s Underhogs t-shirt design, take a watch of our documentary

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100% certified organic cotton.

Renewable energy powers the Neutral tee production, contributing to cleaner environments and fighting climate change.

All of the cotton is Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers.

Official EU label for Greener Products. Eco-labelled products have a comparatively modest impact on air, water, soil quality, natural resource consumption, global warming and bio-diversity.



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