Bahasha: It's a girl!

Bahasha's baby is now five months old and keepers are delighted to confirm that the young gorilla is female.

Voting has now closed. Her name will be announced on 5th May.

What do the Swahili names mean?

Kapuki means first born daughter
Amari means strength
Iniko means born during troubled times
Muhuri means stamp because mum’s name, Bahasha, means envelope!

You can help care for our beloved gorilla family during these difficult times.

Badongo is our resident silverback gorilla and it’s his job to protect the group and keep everyone in check. Despite his impressive size he’s a gentle giant, although you soon know who’s the boss when he has to break up any squabbles!

There are three other adult gorillas in the troop, who are all female. The youngest, Bahasha, delighted staff and visitors in November last year when she gave birth to a gorgeous baby who is growing more inquisitive and confident by the day.

Hlala Kahilli, daughter of Durrell’s first silverback Jambo, has a quiet, self-assured nature and is mother to young male Indigo, who was born in 2012 and went to join a bachelor group in Belgium last year.

Kishka is the oldest gorilla at the zoo and plays a matriarchal role, constantly watching over and protecting the new baby.

Did you know?

- Western lowland gorillas are found in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and the extreme western tip of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

- We share approximately 98% of our DNA with gorillas and they are our next closest living relatives after chimpanzees and bonobos.

- Gorillas use at least 16 different kinds of vocalisations to communicate, such as hooting, grunting and barking, as well as using facial expressions.

- The dramatic chest-beating and menacing roars for which gorillas are renowned are a sign that they feel threatened; actual fighting is rare.

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