Storm clouds are gathering for the ploughshare tortoise...

An emergency appeal
Lone ploughshare tortoise with storm clouds on horizon

Please help protect the ploughshare tortoiseMore info

from an escalating poaching crisis that is tearing the species to shreds.

Illegal poaching so threatens the ploughshare tortoise that within the next two years, there could be none left in the wild. Sadly yes, it is that stark.

In 2016, this growing threat has been devastating for the species, its survival prospects plunged into grave uncertainty. One of the biggest targets is Ampijoroa, our breeding facility that is home to a indispensable safety net population, from which 100 tortoises have previously been released into the wild. The crisis has escalated, and our facility was targeted this month.

Against the odds, our guards foiled the attempt, but this was a wake up call. We urgently need to upgrade the facility’s security to protect its precious inhabitants.

Guards outside Ampijoroa ploughshare tortoise breeding facility, Madagascar

Ampijoroa breeding facility: Critical to the survival of the ploughshare tortoise

Close up with an iconic ploughshare tortoise

Ploughshare tortoise: Iconic and beautiful, yet threatened because of its attractiveness to the illegal pet trade

We’ll use the £1,000 to install new solar panels and batteries, vital to powering our alarms and security cameras. In doing so, we’ll ensure our heroic guards have the means to keep our priceless ploughshares safe while in our facility, day and night.

We can’t allow a species this iconic, beautiful and important to simply disappear. 2016 could prove a catastrophic tipping point - if we don’t do something about it.

Further funds received will contribute towards the £20,000 it costs to keep the Ampijoroa centre running for one year.

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Please, join us, and give what you can to save a species in crisis.

All images courtesy of Tim Flach

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