Jersey Telecom has teamed up with durrell wildlife conservation trust to create a totally new kind of 'business mobile'.

The new sim-only tariff has been designed for local businesses that don't need to renew all of their mobile handsets each year. It offers these businesses the opportunity to support Durrell by replacing the need to upgrade handsets with animal adoption packages, benefits for staff through Durrell memberships, whilst at the same time reducing carbon footprint. Durrell have put together a special adoption pack and a range of admission tickets for all those businesses wishing to take part.

If you don’t need to replace your handset each year then the MyMobile Business SIM only plan is for you.

Instead of receiving a mobile handset, you’ll get an Animal Adoption pack containing information about your adopted animal along with a photograph, fact sheet and birth certificate from ARKS (Animal Record Keeping System).

You’ll also get:

  • 2 issues of Durrell’s ‘Wild Life’ magazine
  • Weekly Durrell e-news updates
  • Regular animal updates
  • An adoption certificate
  • Your company name featured on Durrell’s website
  • A big thank you on

To find out more about the mobile tariff please click here, or call the Jersey Telecom Business Solutions team on 0800 735 2345.

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