ReWilding Islands

Save the world's most threatened species. 61% of extinctions happen on islands with 86% of these due to invasive species. Unless we act now further species will be lost forever.Restoring Islands is hugely challenging. Your support is needed to achieve a shared vision where Islands flourish and wildlife can thrive.

Representing just 5% of the earth’s land mass, islands are home to 37% of critically endangered species.

Isolated from the mainland by oceans, islands have evolved to become unique and delicate ecosystems. They offer great diversity in plant and animal life and are home to the world’s rarest species, which are often found nowhere else on Earth.

However, these rare environments are hugely vulnerable and at risk of disappearing. The introduction of invasive species by humans continues to have a devastating effect on flora and fauna, causing the extinction of many species and pushing others to the brink.

You can help combat the threats that continue to devastate these delicate ecosystems and help to recover threatened wildlife by rewilding islands across the world.

Islands lie at the heart of our vision of a wilder, healthier more colourful world. Round Island in Mauritius and Floreana in the Galapagos are global icons that urgently need your help.

Thanks to you, with our partners we have achieved great things. Through the work of the Government of Mauritius and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Round Island is free from invasive animals, its plant life is recovering and its native wildlife returning. But now we want to rewild the whole island.

In the Galapágos, we have joined an ambitious partnership with the Galapágos National Park, Island Conservation and Galapágos Conservation Trust, to restore the entire island of Floreana. If successful, this will be the largest island in the world to be cleared of introduced predators.

You can accelerate the restoration of these important rewilding sites and help to develop approaches that will be applied to other island species and ecosystems around the world.

Help us achieve our vision for a wilder, healthier, more colourful world!

Give wildlife a future

Donate today and you can help create a wilder, healthier more colourful world. The remarkable work achieved by Durrell at Jersey Zoo and in the wild to save species from extinction, has only been possible due to the generosity of supporters like you.


Together we can save the wild animals and wildplaces of our planet.