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Happy 90th Birthday Sir David

“I do assure you, the world needs Durrell.”

Sir David Attenborough

Welcome to our 90th birthday tribute to Sir David Attenborough

Sir David and our Founder, Gerald Durrell, first met as young men more than 60 years ago, when what eventually became Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was a twinkle in Gerry’s eye. They were both on ‘animal collecting’ trips in South America, Sir David for his television programme ‘Zoo Quest’ and Gerry for his own zoo that he was planning to set up in Jersey, Sir David recalled ‘I just thought he was mad….but Gerry was undaunted.’

Sir David was eventually won over by what he called ‘the Durrell magic’. Throughout the years he has generously lent his support to the Trust’s mission of saving species from extinction, becoming a Life Trustee in 1997. At the dinner celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2009, he ended his speech by saying ‘I do assure you, the world needs Durrell.’

We now express our enormous gratitude to Sir David, not only for his direct support, but also for his considerable indirect support. Among the millions of individuals inspired by his films revealing the glory of the natural world have been those who have turned to Durrell for answers as to how to protect it – they have become part of ‘Durrell’s Army’.

Beyond Durrell, however, we must thank Sir David for instilling a profound love of nature through generations and across cultures. Only with a love like that will our own species finally accept the responsibility it undoubtedly has for safeguarding the future of life on earth.

- Lee Durrell
8th May 2016


An evening with David Attenborough and Alastair Fothergill - SOLD OUT

Friday, 25 November 2016 from 18:00 to 19:45 (GMT)

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust welcomes you to an exciting evening with David Attenborough and Alistair Fothergill at Harrow School, London.

Join us at this one off event to hear David and Alistair’s’ story of their twenty five years plus of working together on a landmark natural history series for the BBC, including exclusive footage and video clips.

All funds raised will go directly to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and help our mission to save species from extinction.

Location: Harrow school
Drinks reception: 6.00pm- 6.30pm
Event: 6.30pm-8.15pm

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