The southern foothills of the Himalayas were once covered by lush grasslands that provided homes to some of the country’s most iconic wildlife, such as elephants, rhinos and tigers.

With less than 10% of the original grassland remaining, pygmy hogs have been pushed to the brink of extinction as their natural habitat has been destroyed by humans.

The wet grasslands are also essential habitat for the charismatic pygmy hog. These tiny Critically Endangered pigs rely on the tall grass to escape predators, find food and make nests to rear their piglets. Today, only one viable, but very vulnerable, population of wild pygmy hogs remains in Manas National Park.

There are less than 250 pygmy hogs in the wild; they are not only the smallest wild pig but also one of the rarest animals in the world.

Without urgent action, the grasslands will be lost and the population of pygmy hogs and other wildlife will disappear forever.

Recovery of the grasslands in Assam are key to ensuring pygmy hogs and other native wildlife can thrive.

Thanks to you, with our partners, we established the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme 23 years ago. The breeding centre maintains the only captive population of pygmy hogs in the world. The centre was founded with just six wild hogs in 1996 and to date we have released 116 captive bred hogs into the wild. We are working hard with the Forest Department of Assam and Aaranyak to save this symbolic species, which is perilously close to extinction.

To protect and restore the remote grasslands in and around Manas National Park we are in need of a 4WD vehicle. Your help will enable us to continue to monitor wildlife and understand the threats facing this fragile ecosystem.

With your support, we can reach communities and research important sites across three protected areas of grasslands, enabling successful reintroductions of pygmy hogs.

Your support is vital to protecting the grasslands and the wildlife that is reliant on its sanctuary to survive. Together we can drive the regeneration of ecosystems and help to restore the important grassland habitat for pygmy hogs, rhinos, tigers and other threatened wildlife.

Building on the success of the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme, as part of our global rewilding strategy, we will focus on Manas National Park.

Grasslands have been devastated by human activity over the last 30 years and much wildlife has already been lost. Your investment will restore a healthy and diverse grassland ecosystem, bringing back populations of grazing animals.

With your help, we will release captive bred pygmy hogs into Manas National Park and continue to work with local communities to protect India’s most precious and iconic wildlife.

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