Training for conservation success

What is the global reach of Durrell’s training programmes? How many conservationists have received training?

4,100 conservationists from 141 countries

Conservation training

This indicator measures the geographical scope of Durrell’s training programmes and tracks the number of people around the world it has trained in conservation theory and techniques.

Since running its first course in 1978, Durrell has trained more than 4,100 conservationists from 141 countries.

Today the Durrell Conservation Academy runs courses and internships both at our headquarters in Jersey and in many of our focal regions around the world including Madagascar, Mauritius, Galapagos, Samoa, St Lucia and Sri Lanka to name a few.

Within the last 10 years Durrell has developed a growing number of courses providing conservationists not only with biological skills but also the management, leadership and stakeholder engagement skills necessary to run successful conservation projects. We now run more than 18 courses each year, ranging from five-day workshops to an Imperial College-led year-long Master’s degree in Conservation Science.

Training for conservation success

Durrell conservation training numbers

Durrell’s first student was Yousoof Mungroo, who came from Mauritius in 1977. He went on to become the first Director of the National Parks Conservation Service on the island, supporting local initiatives that saved some of the rarest species on earth.

Since then the number of conservationists being trained has risen rapidly, with nearly 1,000 trained during the 2000s.

In future our training activities will focus even harder on those regions of the world where we have existing field projects, and will respond to global needs such as developing technical and practical skills to help tackle the amphibian conservation crisis.