Teambuilding Activities at Jersey Zoo

Maintaining Durrell’s zoological park in Jersey is a year round job, with dozens of important tasks that don’t require specialist skills but do need time, effort, energy and teamwork.

These tasks reward volunteers with the satisfaction and pride of seeing an area transformed by a team’s hard work. The work may be messy and dirty, but the sense of achievement from completing tasks that are completely removed from a group’s usual line of work cannot be underestimated.  Larger groups can be split into smaller work parties to carry out several tasks simultaneously.

Every team that has helped with tasks like these has wanted to come back for more. The cost of basic materials for most tasks, such as paint and varnish, will be covered by Durrell (although donations are always appreciated!). Some tasks have a more significant materials cost and can only go ahead if the costs are covered by the work parties.  These tasks tend to be those that require more people, better team work, have a more visible end result and generate a higher sense of fulfilment and achievement.

We have a regular programme of teambuilding tasks, from those that can be accomplished by a small group in half a day, to those that require bigger teams over a longer period of time. Click here to see the current list of exciting projects.

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