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Can money grow on trees?

On Thursday 24th October 2013, Durrell was delighted to welcome Willem Ferwerda, Founder and Chairman of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Leaders for Nature and Executive Fellow Business and Ecosystem, Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University, to explain how reconnecting with nature will lead to a sustainable economy.

Investing in environmental sustainability, such as ecological restoration, can be highly profitable in the medium and long – term. Many companies have acted on the basis of corporate social responsibility and reducing environmental impact and now realise that sustainability will, in the long-term, lower costs and increase revenues.

Download the presentations:

Building a business for ecosystem restoration - Willem Ferwerda
KPIs for Conservation - Andrew Terry

Download the presentations:

Nature Resilience: ecological restoration by partners in business for next generations (IUCN, RSM, 2012)
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity – for business and enterprises
Hope in a Changing Climate: John D Liu (ERF, 5 min. video)
Green Gold documentary (50 min.) that just won the Prix d' Italia of our colleague John Liu

What is the impact of Corporate Community Investment (CCI) to business and society?

How can companies measure and report its real value?

On Thursday 11th October 2012 Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust hosted its 5th Annual Business Breakfast Seminar at the Pomme D’Or Hotel.

As a leading charity partner with many local companies, Durrell recognises that a large number of Jersey organisations invest heavily in the local community. But how can businesses effectively measure the totality of their contribution?

Durrell is delighted to welcome Jon Lloyd, Head of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) as the keynote speaker at this year’s seminar. LBG is the internationally recognised standard for measuring CCI. Companies across the world use LBG’s measurement model to assess the value and impact of their community investment to both the business and society.

Jon shared the LBG framework and showed how it can be used by companies of all sizes in Jersey to better understand, measure, manage and report on the contributions they make.

You can view the slide presentation by downloading the pdf here.

We would like to thank RBC Wealth Management for their generosity in covering all the costs associated with this event, thereby enabling us to offer it free of charge.

The business case for Corporate Responsibility

On Wednesday 12th October Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust hosted its 4th Annual Business Breakfast Seminar at the Pomme D’Or Hotel. This year the focus was on Corporate Social Responsibility and we were delighted to welcome Miss Abigail Cottrell from Business in the Community as our key speaker at the event.

Abigail challenged the audience to consider the triple bottom line impact of corporate responsibility – People, Planet and Profit.

She also asked business leaders to think not only about what they put out in regard to CR but also to consider the way they actually make their money in the first place.

You can view the slide presentation below or download the BITC resources sheet here.

We would like to thank RBC Wealth Management for their generosity in covering all the costs associated with this event, thereby enabling us to offer it free of charge.

2010 Business Sustainability Seminar, sponsored by RBC Wealth Management.

We were delighted with the event and the presentations given by our speakers on the day and have therefore made them available to you here.

Keynote Speaker: Matthew Thompson – London Community Resource Network

"Resourceful collaboration – conserving wealth, protecting environment, helping communities"

Other presentations from Jersey business leaders included:

ITEX - The IT industry - villain or saviour?
Ronez - Building sustainability into business operations
AFM - Running resource efficient buildings
RBC - Water - don't waste a drop

The Durrell Business Sustainability Seminar brought together businesses to better understand the issues relating to sustainability in the working environment. The morning seminar focused on practical actions you can take in your company to make a real difference to your bottom line and to the environment and the quality of life in Jersey.

Matthew Thompson is CEO of London Community Resource Network (LCRN) which supports organisations in sustainable management of resources. He has advised DEFRA, WRAP, the Commission for Sustainable 2012, the Greater London Authority, local authorities and businesses on waste minimisation and reuse. He has become a leading expert on systems, infrastructure and markets at the top of the waste hierarchy, with a detailed practical understanding of how materials and products may be reused.

LCRN was voted Britain’s Most Innovative Charity 1008 and has recently secured an £8M government grant to deliver an integrated reuse service across London.

For further information about sustainability in your work place or more details on the recent conference please contact: or telephone 860000

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