Fighting Five Threats to Amphibian Survival

by Durrell - July 9, 2016

Agriculture in Haiti - Credit Jeff DawsonHabitat loss, invasive species, climate change, pollution and other human influences are decimating amphibian species at unprecedented rates. They’re also being attacked by a lethal disease called chytridiomycosis.

This highly infectious disease is described as one of the worst vertebrate diseases ever recorded. A case in point is the mountain chicken – exposed to the disease, an estimated 99% of the global population has been wiped out in the last 14 years. There is currently no cure.

Jeff Dawson, Durrell’s Amphibian Programme Manager, says, “Amphibians are the most threatened vertebrate group in the world, with thousands of species threatened with extinction. Despite this, amphibians are often overlooked and in general receive far less conservation and research attention than these other groups.”

To combat the alarming decline of amphibians, Durrell has launched the Saving Amphibians from Extinction (SAFE) programme.

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